More opportunities to invest in biodynamics

Hammonds Farm at Hawkwood, Stroud

Hammonds Farm is a 180 acre arable and beef farm within close walking distance of Stroud, for sale from 1 June. It surrounds Hawkwood College land on the North, West and South. The Biodynamic Land Trust is working with Stroud Community Agriculture, Hawkwood College, the biodynamic and Stroud communities to see if the BDLT can secure at least Lot 3 of the land as a community asset.  Sufficient pledges were made by 18th June and we now go forward with this venture.

This is a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful area of land on the doorstep of Stroud town for environmental, economic and community benefits and we still need your help to make it happen.

This is an opportunity to support the growth of sustainable agriculture.

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Denmark’s solar record

On Thursday, Denmark produced between 116% and 140% of its national electricity from wind turbines, without their even operating at full capacity.

Guardian report

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Healing with songs and plants

Read about the Wachiperi tradition from the Andes.

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Wildlife Trusts

Avon Wildlife Trust

This Trust is based in Bristol.  Recent projects include:-

  • B-Lines with Buglife, developing wide strips of permanent wildflower-rich habitats which link existing wildlife areas to create a network of habitats.
  • Carbon Gordano, Bristol’s first community-based solar farm
  • Wild Schools, inspiring children in and out of the classroom with eels, pollinators and predators
  • Wildlife, the Trust’s newsletter
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Heart of England Forest

The Heart of England Forest, a registered charity, is dedicated to planting the largest new native Forest right in the heart of the country.

We’ve already planted over 1 million trees, but our goal is to create a huge, unbroken 30,000 acre woodland,  Surrounded by urban areas, the Forest will be a refuge from the modern world where people can rediscover nature, wildlife can flourish and children can learn about the natural world.

It’s an ambitious vision but one that we’re determined to achieve, one tree at a time.

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“Sow, Grow, Repeat”

Guardian podcast on composting

Presented by Alys Fowler and Jane Perrone with Jeff Lowenfels, Emma Cooper and produced by Alice Williams
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How to make aloe vera gel

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Sustainable Business Awards 2015

Highlights from the Guardian awards:-

  • Cafeology, farming coffee in Guatemala in a way that protects the rainforest, encourages migrating birds and improves the growers’ livelihood.
  • Ikea (yes, that Ikea) investing €1.5 billion in renewable energy equipment, and buying cotton from sustainable sources
  • Divine Chocolate making a profit but still giving cocoa producers a livelihood
  • Interface, a carpet tile maker using discarded nylon fishing nets
  • Wyke Farms, now totally self-sufficient in solar and biogas energy
  • GENeco, making biomethane from sewage as a substitute for natural gas
  • Neals Yard installing a well for its frankincense collectors in Kenya
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WATER IS LIFE – The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

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Huxhams Farm survey

Dear  Week Project Members and Devon Friends,
We have suggested that all those people who are local and/or interested in produce, farm activities and/or being in nature on our land at Huxhams Cross are  warmly invited and encouraged to participate in the surveys that the Apricot team are conducting regarding what might be grown, how the farm might interact with the local community, what services are looked for and how the farm might be designed.

If you know of anyone, or group of people, who may have views and ideas please ask them to join the surveys. This is an unique opportunity to be involved in turning a piece of bare land into a real farm that interacts with the local community and environment.

Please express your views, desires, needs or wishes for local food, place to walk, make jam or take the children …… if you have not already done so.

The Design courses are due to start after Easter and so your input is requested ASAP so that it can be taken into account.

See the Biodynamic Land Trust page

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