Southill Solar

Southill Solar Farm has just received planning permission and hopes to be operating by July 2016.  It will be one of the very few community-owned solar farms in the UK.  As well as the panels, there will be a wildflower meadow and an orchard on the land.

The electricity expected to be generated will be enough to feed three neighbouring villages: Charlbury, Finstock and Fawler.

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2016 Grow Wild seed kits

Free 2016 Grow Wild seed kits

Join almost one million people taking part in the UK’s biggest ever wild flower campaign by sharing Grow Wild seed kits with groups where you live.

All you need to do is register for seed kits on behalf of your group – or lots of groups. How about for your hobby clubs, neighbours, community project, youth group and the workplace.

Each kit has seed to transform up to 10 square metres, so please share these packets to transform any space – from balconies to old boots, streets to boxes and buckets.

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Ireland promotes pollinators

Waterford/Dublin, Thursday September 17th, 2015 – Sixty-eight governmental and nongovernmental organisations have agreed a shared plan of action to tackle pollinator decline and make Ireland a place where pollinators can survive and thrive.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020, published today, makes Ireland one of the first countries in Europe with a strategy to address pollinator decline and protect pollination services. The initiative has generated huge support and has culminated in agreement to deliver 81 actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly.

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Green Gold – regreening the desert

“It’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems.”

Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally. Read more »

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Home and garden pesticides containing neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoid based pesticides have been implicated in the alarming deaths of bees and other pollinators that are so crucial to pollination and biodiversity in the UK as a whole. It is not just agricultural products that they are used in but also a number of products aimed at the domestic home and garden market.

This site lists the products currently approved for use in the UK likely to be available to purchase by the general public.  They include common house plant insecticides and rose bug killers, and they include our ‘friends’ Thiacloprid, Methiocarb and Acetamiprid.

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Planting trees in the desert of Barcelona

Prisoners with Amma

Prisoners with Amma

Quatre Camins is a prison near Barcelona where  volunteers working out of Barcelona have been running an outreach program involving Integrated Amma Meditation courses.

But meditation is not for everyone. That’s why 18 months ago, our volunteers started a garden at the prison called “Amma’s Garden” where the more action-oriented prisoners can learn to grow their own vegetables and enjoy being in nature.  A number of the prisoners also spend two Sundays a month engaged in service activities at the Amma Centre of Spain.

Finally, the prisoners are fundraising to help children with cancer. They raise money by making and selling bracelets and also by collecting bottle caps, which are sold to the recycling centre.

See this link.

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Amma at Alexandra Palace November 10th-11th

GreenFriends Desk at Amma’s London Visit 2015

Once again GreenFriends will be running a stall throughout Amma’s UK visit. Come and visit us for:

  • Networking ideas and sharing experiences of participating in Amma’s Indeed Campaign  in our daily our lives.
  • General information on living a more sustainable life.
  • Sharing your ideas for GreenFriends events throughout the year, both nationally and in your area.
  • Seed swapping and sharing
  • Selling homemade preserves, plants and other environmentally friendly products donated by devotees. Any donations of these products are most welcome—all moneys raised go directly to Amma’s environmental charities.

For more details see the Event here.

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Probable carcinogen in 30% of all commercial bread

'Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic' quote

The Soil Association warns that up to 30% of UK bread tested contained glyphosate, the main ingredient in most commercial weedkillers.  Only certified organic bread can guarantee it does not contain glyphosate.

a recent study found that in the UK 7 of 10 people had traces of weedkiller in their urine400% increase in 20 yearsGlyphosate is the most widely sold weedkiller in the world. You may recognise it as the active ingredient in Roundup. The big chemical companies advise farmers to spray their wheat crops with glyphosate a few weeks before harvest – to kill the crop and remove weeds to make it easier for them to harvest.

There are no safe levels of glyphosate in food.

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El Nino – drought AND floods in California

from the Guardian

The Golden State has suffered four parched years, but the land could be too dry to absorb heavy rains anticipated this winter
Vast swathes of forest are so brittle and bone-dry that they burn up in an instant. A vicious wildfire, whipped up by hot, arid winds and moving faster than anything in recent memory, consumed tens of thousands of hectares in a matter of hours. Hundreds of homes and at least one person were lost in an inferno that took days to get under control. That’s in California’s north…
[In the south]  …Rather than relief, the water brought chaos. Thousands lost power and hundreds of cars crashed on flooded roads, according to the Los Angeles Times. Almost one million litres of stormwater surged from San Gabriel sewers, contaminating the river and beaches dozens of kilometres downstream. At least one home plunged down a hillside as the earth beneath it was suddenly washed away. Ten people had to be plucked from rushing, rain-swollen rivers by rescue crews.
See Water Is Life: “The soil is drying out.  Water is being lost, and the retention space, the natural water storage system of the Earth, is becoming dry.  Then the flora and fauna disappear.  In the end the land will turn into desert or burn because it’s too dry.  You can see these problems happening all over the world, bringing huge catastrophes.  And the heavy rains come anyway.  What happens then?  The water rushes down the slopes, because the dry soil does not absorb the water; when the soil is hotter than the falling rain it rejects the water.  Only when the soil is cooler, when the vegetation is giving shadow, then it attracts the water and lets it seep in.”
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A Load of Nuts going Crackers

Mowing the lawn around a hazel tree – crunch, crunch – reveals:-


Many of the nuts were still in their cases, so some work was needed to store them.

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