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Summer Fete at Rush Farm @ Rush Farm
Aug 12 @ 11.00am – 5.00pm

All the fun of a fete at Rush Farm plus guided farm walks on a beautiful 150-acre farm with 22 acres of woodland. Rush Farm has created habitats that encourage lapwings and curlews. Hang over a farm gate to watch the farm’s flock of Lleyn sheep, and its herd of traditional Hereford cattle grazing in meadows and pastures. With any luck you’ll also see Flash the sheepdog, go on a tractor ride and ride on a cart behind a shire horse!

Biodynamic Farming

A biodynamic farm functions as a strong, self-sustaining and vibrant single organism that recognises and respects the basic principles at work in nature. It is a complete system in which all the different components of the farm are seen as parts of a greater whole. With farm animals at the centre a self-sustaining, balanced and harmonious environment is the result.

Special manure and herb-based preparations are applied to both the fields and to the compost to enhance and stimulate the microbiological life in the soil and improve fertility. These have been shown to significantly improve the health and well being of soil, plants and animals, as well as enhancing the vitality, flavour and keeping qualities of the produce for the benefit of the consumer. With the soil locking up 25% more carbon than conventional farming methods, the health of the planet is also cared for. Biodynamic is a sound basis for sustainable food production.

Further to this, the biodynamic farmer recognises that the life of a farm is exposed to wider as well as internal farm-based influences. The more subtle rhythms associated with the sun, the moon and the planets form the basis of an annually produced planting calendar. This guides the farmer towards appropriate times for cultivation and sowing for maximum quantity and quality.

The result is a rich and diverse farm built on sound organic principles which is embedded and sensitized to its surroundings. It produces food with such an individual quality that, as with wine, it can be described as having the terroir of the farm, the sense of the place where it was grown.

Nature Nurtures, Nurture Nature Retreat @ Clue Hill Farm
Sep 17 @ 10.00am – 4.00pm

Leave the stresses of your everyday life behind you as you climb up through the hay meadow to the beautiful tranquil location of the pond and the woods at Clue Hill Farm and escape in to nature.

Join us for the whole day and be guided in a retreat into nature:

Nature Nurtures – Nurture Nature

There will be sessions enabling all attendees to:

  • experience awareness whilst reconnecting with the natural  environment
  • a silent walk into nature, with guidance on how to harness all of your senses to enhance the experience
  • using nature to unwind and de-stress
  • demonstrations and short talks from our associate partners, ranging from wildlife conservation, environment protection, to how to make delicious meals from your food waste.

At the end of the retreat we hope that you will feel totally calm and very relaxed, whilst at the same time broadening your knowledge of nurturing nature and the environment around you.

Cost:      £15.00 per person to include homemade lunch, cakes and refreshments –

Our aim is to be part of the fabric of a plastic and litter-free world