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Growing vegetables

How to have a more productive vegetable garden in 2017

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Volunteering opportunities on biodynamic farms

Huxhams Cross Farm, near Dartington, and Oakbrook Farm, near Stroud, are both biodynamic farms leased to the Biodynamic Land Trust and in the course of being prepared for production.

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GetGrowing Gets Going in the UK

This May the very first GetGrowing course was run in the UK. For those not aware this is a hugely successful short course to teach complete novices how to start growing some of their own food, something that Amma’s is urging us to do and is one of the six InDeed pledges. The course has … Continue reading »

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Be a scientist – save seeds at home

A film by Vandana Shiva. We are very happy to release this video in cooperation with Dr. Vandana Shiva and the Navdanya Organization. Seed saving is one of the important skills that has been lost of the last century, and Dr. Shiva’s work to preserve heirloom seed varieties, encourage organic farming, and create food sovereignty … Continue reading »

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‘Neonics’ – more bad news

The Soil Association has reported further dangers from neonicotinoids, the chemical pesticides which are known to be dangerous to bees:- Now, disturbing new research, part-funded by the Soil Association and thanks to the Roddick Foundation, reveals that neonicotinoids don’t just stop at the crop. They seep into soils and dust and into hedgerows and flowers … Continue reading »

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Planting trees in the desert of Barcelona

Prisoners with Amma Quatre Camins is a prison near Barcelona where  volunteers working out of Barcelona have been running an outreach program involving Integrated Amma Meditation courses. But meditation is not for everyone. That’s why 18 months ago, our volunteers started a garden at the prison called “Amma’s Garden” where the more action-oriented prisoners can … Continue reading »

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Huxhams Farm survey

Dear  Week Project Members and Devon Friends, We have suggested that all those people who are local and/or interested in produce, farm activities and/or being in nature on our land at Huxhams Cross are  warmly invited and encouraged to participate in the surveys that the Apricot team are conducting regarding what might be grown, how … Continue reading »

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Shareholder opportunity – Biodynamic / Permaculture farm

Shareholder opportunity An exciting new Biodynamic / Permaculture farm project is getting off the ground in the hamlet of Week near Totnes in South Devon. This is your chance to purchase shares in the land and be a part of the future of progressive farming in the UK. Shares available from £100 – £20,000 so … Continue reading »

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(Coffee) grounds for optimism

In 34 Unexpected Ways you can learn how to use coffee grounds in the garden to enhance plants, repel slugs and cats, grow mushrooms and many other uses – and even get the grounds for free!

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Sustainable Peasant and Family Farm Agriculture

See Sustainable Peasant and Family Farm Agriculture Can Feed the Whole World

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