World Soils Day December 3rd

The Soil Association has produced a number of videos to celebrate World Soils Day, on tardigrades, earthworms and fungi.  They write:-

Soils are under threat. Across the world, agricultural intensification is depleting the soil, its productivity and biodiversity.

One quarter of our planet’s life is hidden beneath our feet; a complex community of organisms that are vital for healthy soil and to mark World Soils Day this Monday, we’ve created several short [1min] videos to celebrate the life beneath our feet. Please share them with your friends and family using the hashtag #WorldSoilsDay.

Let’s protect soils and spread the word about this remarkable world of soil life which helps feed us all. Together we can change the world.

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Permaculture gardens to visit

This Permaculture Association map shows gardens in your area, and whether they are centres which you can visit.

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Volunteering opportunities on biodynamic farms

Huxhams Cross Farm, near Dartington, and Oakbrook Farm, near Stroud, are both biodynamic farms leased to the Biodynamic Land Trust and in the course of being prepared for production. Read more »

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Bee farming by GreenFriends in Ireland

Bee farming project in West Cork

Bee farming project in West Cork

This page gives details of a bee farming project started on a devotee’s land in West Cork.

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The Wood Wide Web

The BBC reports that trees communicate with other trees using their roots and a fungal network.

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Be a humming bird

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Sustainable banking

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Get Growing Course: London this August Bank Holiday (Book Now)

IMG_1958 crop

Photo: GetGrowing UK, May 2016

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The 400 year old shark

She was born during the reign of James I, was a youngster when René Descartes set out his rules of thought and the great fire of London raged, saw out her adolescent years as George II ascended the throne, reached adulthood around the time that the American revolution kicked off, and lived through two world wars. Living to an estimated age of nearly 400 years, a female Greenland shark has set a new record for longevity, scientists have revealed.

See the Guardian report and video

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Organic growing at Amritapuri

Amritapuri Ashram has gone organic

and so has

Organic vegetable garden at Amrita University

Organic vegetable garden at Amrita University

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