Trees that refuse to give up

A Place Of Enchantment

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Food waste? Not in Denmark

Learn from Selina Juul, who came from Russia to Denmark and has introduced simple solutions to reduce food waste there by staggering amounts: 25% in five years.  Supermarkets can help, and so can consumers.

So become a one-person waste reducer!

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Power in our hands

John-Paul Flintoff is the author of How to change the world, which is published in 16 languages. He was once an associate editor on The Financial Times but now works as a performer, artist and campaigner, devoting himself to changing the world, one conversation at a time. He’s spoken to audiences of as many as 5,000 people, on four continents, and is currently working to set up a TED event inside a prison.

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The Law of Return

Vandana Shiva’s keynote address to the National Permaculture Convergence in Hyderabad, 2016.

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CityTree works like a forest

The “CityTree” has the same environmental impact of up to 275 normal urban trees. Using moss cultures that have large surface leaf areas, it captures and filters toxic pollutants from the air.

Thank you to Pacific Northwest GreenFriends for this information.

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A voyage round Jupiter

Since NASA’s Juno probe entered Jupiter’s orbit a year ago, it’s been sending back high-resolution images of the solar system’s biggest planet.

When NASA released the latest batch of images, last month, German mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt got to work, turning them into into a video. Using software that he wrote, Eichstaedt used Juno’s trajectory data to determine the probe’s exact position when it captured an image, and then placed that image on a spherical model of the planet. The resulting video combines 36 images from the probe to simulate a Jovian flyby.

London-based filmmaker Seán Doran saw the video when Eichstaedt uploaded it to and spent another 12 hours smoothing the thousands of frames, before adding a soundtrack.

It’s almost like being there. Almost…

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Red onions

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The bucket

[NB  The swimming bees were rescued]

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Water woes in India

See this BBC page.

Are we doing all we can to save water?  Rainwater should be captured in butts and tanks for garden use.


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Growing Your Own Food – Act Now – Vertical Garden in Progress

Have you ever thought about growing your own food, but did not quite know how to go about it? Well, it’s easy and accessible to everyone. Even if you have no land, no garden and no balcony – as long as you live in a room where there is natural light, you can grow a little bit of your own food. You can make mini greenhouses adjusting 5-litre plastic water bottles, chuck into them some seeds of your favourite herbs (basil, coriander), stuck them on top of each other – and there you have your very own vertical garden! With a bit of soil, water, air, light, time and enthusiasm, self grown organic food will appear on your table.

Not only, you can get the freshest organic home-grown food, but also you can save a bit of money by growing (even a little bit) of your own food. And by such simple actions you help Mother Earth, you contribute to sustainable way of living. Just think of the food transport costs, fuel costs, storage costs that you cut out by growing your own food! So by growing your own food you also become an environmental activist, you help Mother Nature.

All of these things (and many more) I learnt a couple of weeks ago (May 2017) at the Get Growing course, an initiative of Amma’s Green Friends. Ankita and Daniel opened their lovely South London home and garden-in-progress to the 25 of us, participants of Get Growing intensive weekend. Our extremely knowledgeable teacher, Eoin, travelled to us from Cork in Ireland and taught the course free of charge. Ankita (plus family) provided not only the space for all of us, but also cooked an absolutely delicious vegan lunch, cakes and snacks for the two days of the course. Some of us have asked her to teach a vegan cooking workshop next! Read more »

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