A Manifesto for Seeds

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“We are seed users, seed eaters, seed growers…all of us. We have been wrapped in a world of seeds for eons, since long before agriculture was thought of. In hunger we ate the bird that ate the seeds; in happy accident we brewed the beer from spoiled and worthless seeds; in unwitting service to the plant we transported its seeds from place to place on our trouser cuffs. We slobber over ear corn and eat our Wheaties. It’s in our language: We are of our parents’ seed, our ancestors’ seed, Adam’s seed ultimately. We are born into, thrive in, die in, a seed sowing, seed garnering heritage. To deny sacred status to these capsules of memory and consciousness, these enfoldments of life we call seeds, is to court foolish disaster. We have always known this.
But…now they’re messing with our seeds.”

Read on: A Manifesto for Seeds

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