February 2011 Allotment Diary

Here is a photograph of 2 blue tits on our peanut feeder on the allotment…
The allotment is clear of snow now, and looking a bit battered with the weather,…
We are finally able to do some maintenance on the allotment now that the weather is milder.
We are building a new brick planter for our tomatoes in the greenhouse.
We want to put a pond in this winter. This will hopefully help the local wildlife by providing a breeding place for several species.
…plan what you want to do in the spring and summer…

April 2011 Allotment Diary

Soil improvement

The soil is warming up with more sunlight hours. This is what all the plant and seedlings need.
We have been having free manure drops to the allotment site.
The leaf mulch, which we talked about last month, has been riddled and it is fantastic.
Yes finally we have the pond in. After many arguments and mistakes it was put in two weeks ago.
If you have not already done so get those tomato, chilli and any other greenhouse plants seeded up.
A friend has just bought herself two cordon Victoria plum trees and two blueberry bushes. These latter two are going into containers…
Nesting, nesting, nesting. The birds are going mad…

Palm Sunday in the Wychwood Forest

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Wandering in the Forest Palm Sunday is a special day for walkers in Oxfordshire and those who love Nature.  Because on this day a private part of the Wychwood Forest (the largest private forest in England) is opened to the … Continued