88 Sufi readings

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Hi, about a couple of years ago I found a page or a file in your web site titled “88 Sufi readings”, URL https://www.greenfriends.org.uk/Tales/Tales.pdf. Now I wanted to read it again but I get “Page not found”. I would be … Continued

Dangerous chemicals in fast foods

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From WDDTY:- “It’s not just the junk in fast food that is bad for you – you are also eating the dangerous chemicals that are lining the wrappers, too. PAPs (polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters), which are used as a non-sticking and … Continued

March 2012 Allotment Diary

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The allotment diary for March 2012.: climatic differences in Gloucestershire compared to Sheffield; coping with winter; cleaning out the green house; etc.

Green Friends Day in Derby

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Despite the snow, we met and planned some exciting Green events for the year ahead. Then we embarked on our silent meditation walk in Darley Park and built an Amma.snowman. Finally we made paper bags from recycled newspaper.