Amma in Japan

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“During a function, Amma distributed saplings to the young generation. These trees are indigenous to the disaster area in the northeast and will be planted in the coastal areas to restore the vegetation and prevent erosion and damage from future such disasters. She also blessed GreenFriends’ 10 Habits, a guide line towards living in harmony with nature.”

from Shaken by Love, Dancing in Joy


  1. Develop Reverence for Nature
  2. Develop Water Awareness
  3. Develop Reverence for Plants
  4. Develop Reverence for Wildlife
  5. Use Sustainable Technology
  6. Develop Reverence for Food
  7. Grow Your Own Food
  8. Take Less from the Earth
  9. Be a Responsible Consumer
  10. Inspire Others

    This project was officially launched in Australia at Amma’s Birthday Celebration (25th -27th September 2010).

See Amma Australia for more details.


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