AMMA’s InDeed Campaign – Journey Sharing/Car Pooling

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AMMA’s InDeed Campaign

AMMA’s InDeed Campaign for Nature identifies six simple things that many of us can do to help the environment. They are conserving water, reducing your carbon footprint, planting a tree, growing your own vegetables, carpooling, and building a home for wildlife. This month we are looking at 1 of the 6 commitments, Carpooling.

Anyone can sign up for any of the 6 commitments, and when you do you will be emailed a link to an “electronic leaflet” giving detailed information on that particular subject. We have taken information from this “leaflet”, as well as adding things we have discovered from our own research.

Here are 2 links for AMMA’s InDeed Campaign:

InDeed Commitment No. 5 – Journey Sharing/Car Pooling

Over 85% of commuter car journeys in the UK are with a single driver. How shocking is that? How friendly is that?

According to a government report excess transport delays cost UK urban economies £11 billion per annum and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions cost £4 billion per annum! So getting fewer cars on the road will help all round.

AMMA has highlighted this InDeed pledge a lot in her teachings especially how being more generous with your sharing seats in your car will help with reducing your impact on the planet, but also creating a healthier community by having to talk to each other, learning to share and working together. It is really a seva to share your car with others!

How AMMA UK can undertake this?

AMMA events

At every AMMA event, local satsangs, UK retreats we can encourage and facilitate the sharing of cars.  Leaders or those advertising the event should request that those coming with cars contact them with the number of places they have, and where they can pick people up. But those driving cars could also initiate this by offering spaces to other AMMA devotees.

It is about being proactive, thinking of others and also about how AMMA would like us her children to practise her teachings.

AMMA Visit

AMMA’s visit is a prime event where car sharing would be helpful to many people. If you are coming in a car then offer to share!!! Not only if you are driving from home but also if you are driving to and from a hotel or airport for example.

Offering and planning spaces in your car before the visit may enable some devotees to come to visit who would otherwise not be able to come.

Helping those who are staying at the same hotel may let those people stay longer rather than having to leave earlier because of public transport times.

Sharing your car means you will get to know other devotees and thereby build up a wonderful AMMA family that so many of us would like.

Sharing the cost of the petrol may ensure that you yourself come!

Other travelling

If you commute to work and have spaces perhaps you could offer to share your space with others. These could be AMMA devotees from your satsang group or on the AMMA yahoo group.

What about if you are travelling to another city or county. Do you have a space in your car you could share? Again you could ask your satsang group or put this out on the Yahoo group.


The website below gives you details of both car clubs and the various organisations offering shared lifts. It gives you environmental benefits and is a very useful source of information around this issue. Take a look.

Car Clubs

Instead of owning a car that sits doing nothing most of the time, you could try Car clubs. This is an organisation where you can hire a car for a few hours, a day or a weekend for a fraction of the cost of ‘normal’ car hire companies. The cars usually are very energy efficient and as you are haven’t bought a car you are also having a smaller carbon footprint. Another advantage is that they have designated parking places in your city where you can pick them up when you need them.

The two main car club organisations are:

Journey sharing

There are many organisations in the UK that specialise in matching drivers with passengers. Some involve a formal cost arrangement and others are based on you communicating with the sharer. It is all about communication. Although I have never tried any of them I will certainly in the future.

Car sharing organisations can be specific for going to festivals (I wonder if this will include AMMA events), to and for businesses, long distance, city to city and to universities.  There is even one which allows you to classify yourself on how much talking you want or do! or do!

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