Barracks Lane Garden Press! [OXFORD]

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The garden now has its own apple press and scrattle and would like to start using it at events. We would like to train people how to use it and to volunteer to run the apple press at occasional events.

For example, we need a couple of people to do this on 10th September for the Harvest Festival, and would also like to have some apple press mornings (or afternoons) during September and October. The latter entails a occasional 3-hour sessions with the apple press available for members of the community to bring along their apples to crush them and make their own apple juice to then take home (for a small donation). The volunteer would lead the session, monitor safety, etc, and be able to press their own apples for free!

If you are interested in learning how to use the apple press and helping out at occasional events, please contact the Coordinator, Julieanne, on 01865-236088 or The more volunteers we have, the more we can make the press available to all to use.

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