An Earth Saving Revolution (2 volumes)

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A means to resolve our world’s problems through Effective Microorganisms (EM)

Professor Higa discovered Effective Microorganisms (EM) while working in Okinawa.  “I believe I have identified a way of tackling and solving the primary problem of the food supply, and it lies in making use of the tiny creatures I call “effective microorganisms.”  Effective microorganisms, or EM for short, and their various applications form the subject of this book.”

“EM has the ability to turn any type of soil, deserts included, into good, arable land capable of producing harvests many times greater than the current yield, and this totally without the use of pesticides, agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers of any kind.  It might be immodest on my part to make such a claim, but the agricultural use of EM would seem to provide the ideal natural method of organic farming we have been dreaming about for so long, and it is my hope that it will come to be used in this way on a global scale.”

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