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Hidden Nature

Posted by on September 6th 2011

The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

“Viktor Schauberger was a pioneer of the study of subtle energies in nature and the importance of living water in all natural processes.

This book describes and explains his insights in contemporary, accessible language.  His amazing discoveries – which address issues such as sick water, ailing forests, climate change and, above all, renewable energy – have dramatic implications for how we should work with nature and its resources.

Protesting against the harmful effects of modern technology, Schauberger demonstrated radically new methods of working in harmony with nature’s own energies.  He applied his theories to many revolutionary designs, culminating in prototypes for pollution-free energy machines.

Schauberg (1885-1958) was far ahead of his time.  From his unusually detailed observations of the natural world, he pioneered a completely new understanding of how nature works.  He foresaw, and tried to warn against, the global waste and costly ecological destruction of our age.”