Honey: Nature’s Golden Healer

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“There is growing evidence to show that honey is hugely beneficial to our health, from its antibacterial properties to helping relieve hay fever to even inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.  With increasing numbers of people interested in ditching drugs for natural alternatives to combat health problems from allergies to acne, this book is a timely look at how the beehive can help us look and feel better.

Drawing on her background in the biological sciences,  Gloria Havenhand demonstrates that honey is essential for healthy living – boosting the immune system and helping prevent certain diseases.  She not only illustrates the many ailments that honey can help alleviate, including IBS and gastric ulcers, but shows how to use honey to reap its full health benefits.  Gloria also reveals how we can harvest the beehive for anything from reviving tonics to beauty treats.  Includes chapters on propolis, a sticky resin, which can help skin conditions such as psoriasis; pollen used to relieve hay fever and boost the immune system; and royal jelly and beeswax used in cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin.

Accompanied by information about the beehive and life of the honeybee, this illuminating book shows us the link between honey and good health and why protecting the honeybee is important not only for its own survival but for our own longevity.”

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