LetsGrowSeeds (published April 2014)

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“Saving, sharing and passing seeds on to the next generation is an ancient tradition shared by all cultures – one that has sustained humanity for thousands of years.  Home gardeners all over the world have kept traditional vegetable varieties in cultivation, preserving and maintaining a common heritage of unique and varied strains.  These home-bred seeds are a treasure house of genetic diversity – selected and adapted over centuries to meet the demands of every growing condition.  It is these very seeds that could become the key to our survival as we face global climate change and environmental degradation.  By growing your own seeds, you can play a vital role in preserving this life-sustaining resource.

This guide provides the basics of every aspect of seed saving – choosing the best seeds to cultivate, selecting the most promising plants, keeping your seeds true-to-type, harvesting, drying, storage and much more.  It also contains step-by-step guidelines for saving seeds from 50 varieties of common vegetables – everything you need for an easy, bountiful and enriching experience!

“In olden days, water and natural manure were sufficient for cultivation.  But today the situation is different.  Pesticides and fertilisers have become part and parcel of farming.  So much so, that the immune systems of plants and seeds have become very weak, and have lost their power to fight disease.  Through natural methods we can strengthen their power to resist disease.”


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