Of Men and Plants

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“In the little French village of Gavarret the local people hardly ever went to see the doctor.  Instead, they preferred to pay a visit to Camille Messegué, who would talk to them as friends and treat them with his home-made preparations of vegetables, flowers and local herbs.  Their simple faith in the ability of nature to cure their ills was nearly always rewarded, and Camille was one of the most respected men in the village.  He passed the knowledge and understanding of plants on to his soon, Maurice, who was eager to continue the family tradition of healing.

Maurice Messegué first set up his practice in a small room in Nice , where he had to bribe a local beggar to let him try to cure his eczema.  He succeeded and his fame soon spread.  Today [1970] he is one of the leading authorities on herbal remedies, and Of Men and Plants is the story of his life and details of his preparations which have helped thousands of people when medical science has failed…”

from the preface to the Corgi edition published 1974

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