Organic Revolution!

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The agricultural transformation of Cuba since 1990

“This remarkable story demolishes the myth that organic farming can never feed the world!  It does far more.  Holistically adopted, it revitalises society, enhances the environment and safeguards future generations.  In the current raging debate over rapid urban-industrial uprootment of farmers, here is one example that India, China,… and the rest of the world cannot ignore.

Cuba’s Organic Revolution began suddenly, under compulsion.  A decade later, in 1999, the Swedish Parliament presented  the Right Livelihood Award, or ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, to GAO, the Cuban Organic Farming Association – for “showing that organic agriculture is a key to both food security and environmental sustainability.  Today, Cuba is the only nation with consistent double digit agricultural growth.  Its economy, health, education, energy efficiency, water security,… are all big gainers.”

In 2006, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Global Footprint Network declared: Cuba is the only country on earth to achieve sustainable development.

The American Journal of Public Health reported a 45% decline in cardiovascular diseases.  Cuba’s bio-diverse agro-ecology and forest cover exceeding 25% also counter global warming.

“Increasingly, people came to believe that productive, healthy harvests could be obtained on positive cost-benefit terms, while protecting the environment,… without excessive energy use.”

Dr.Fernando F. Aguilar, President, GAO

“Cuba offers the very first large-scale test of sustainable  alternatives,… before environmental realities mandate [that] the rest of the world embark on a sudden, wholesale switch to organic agriculture.”

Dr. P. Rosset,  Director, ‘Food First’, Institute for Food & Development Policy, USA

“…Cuba is creating something truly new and hopeful for all of humanity.”

Prof. R. Levins, Harvard University School of of Public Health

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