The Book of Trees

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Do you love trees?  Do you want your children to love trees?  Do you wish to leave for posterity something grander and more magnificent than the pyramids, palaces or cathedrals left behind by kings, emperors and sultans?

In The Book of Trees, Risto Isomaki (Finland) and Maneka Gandhi (India) provide every human being on the planet with that dazzling opportunity: raising magnificent forests that will survive for thousands of years.  They recount for us fantastic stories about trees collected from across the planet.  They discuss the significance of trees for alleviating hunger and cooling the earth.  They document the most important tree species of our planet and include a practical chapter on the raising and breeding of trees.

The Book of Trees is a grand celebration of the companionship of trees.

Risto Isomaki is a writer, a former chairman of Friends of the Coalition for Environment and Development (CED).

Maneka Gandhi has been Minister of Culture, Minister of Environment and Minister for Empowerment and Social Justice in the Government of India.  She also heads People for Animals, India’s largest animal welfare organization.”

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