The Fruit Hunters

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“Fruit has held as powerful a sway over man as gold or myrrh.  It has led nations into war, inspired religious worship, fuelled dictatorships and been the motive behind exploration.

Looking beyond the familiar fruits Adam Gollner enters the underworld of inaccessible, obscure, even forbidden fruits.  In this Willy Wonka-like world of mangoes that taste like pina coladas, ice cream beans, peanut butter fruits and the miracle fruit that makes sour taste sweet, we meet a cast of bizarre characters: fruitarians who believe that a fruit diet is instrumental in achieving enlightenment, fruit smugglers and obsessed horticulturalists.

Discover more to the world of fruit than the bland shelves of a supermarket, travel the world with Adam Gollner in search of fruits that few have ever heard of and even fewer have actually tasted.”

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