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It’s hard to call to mind a book that is as moving as this one is: the incredible account of the life and thought of Stalking Wolf, the wise and courageous native American elder who served as the medicine man for a fiercely independent Apache tribe that refused to be domiciled. This is the stuff of screenplays – or at least of what screenplays should be. For Stalking Wolf was nothing short of a hero’s hero – a thoughtful, righteous man who bemoaned the sacrileges that modern society heaped upon the land – and upon people’s minds and hearts! Here was a man who loved both the earth and all its denizens – human, plant, and animal – and who lived his teachings to the fullest, as a true exemplar. To have met this man would have been an honour beyond honours; to have lived as his student, as the author did as a youngster, would have been a privilege incomparable. In an age of cardboard heroes and plastic personalities, I can’t think of a better role model for kids – and even for we adults! – than this beloved “Grandfather.” Hats off to you, Tom Brown, for writing such an intensely vivid and stirring account. “Thanks for the memories…””

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