The Holy Kingdom

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“Lost in the mists of time and legend is the true history of Britain before the arrival of the Romans and after their departure.

In this explosive book the authors, using ancient historical records, show that Britain was never fully conquered by the Romans but retained its culture, its royal families intermarrying with the Caesars.  With the coming of Joseph of Arimathea in AD 37, its kings became converts to Christianity and the island the secret home of many of Jesus’s followers.  Out of these crosswinds blowing from Rome and Judaea emerged the Holy Kingdom that was eventually to give birth to Constantine the Great and turn the whole Roman Empire to Christianity.

Yet the destiny of the Holy Kingdom did not end with the conversion of Rome.  It led to a resistance movement which for a century or more held back the forces responsible for the collapse of Europe in the Dark Ages.  Two British kings, both named Arthur – one, Arthur I of Warwickshire, the fourth-century son of the Emperor Magnus Maximus, the other his sixth-century descendant and a king of Glamorgan – stand out like beacons in a darkening world.  Their careers rolled into one and elaborated upon by the mediaeval poets, they became the single King Arthur or myth and legend.

As a result of research going back over forty years, the authors are able to reveal the location of the graves of both Arthurs, the burial place of the ‘true cross of Christ’ and many other mysteries.

This astounding book … corrects the falsified notions of history perpetrated by earlier scholars to reveal a deeper and more exciting vision.  It uncovers a secret historical current that links our own times with the mysteries of Arthur and the Holy Grail.  In doing so, it challenges many orthodox beliefs perpetuated by a Church which long ago lost touch with its roots.”