Introduction to Permaculture @ Huxhams Cross Farm
Sep 14 @ 9.00am – Sep 15 @ 5.00pm

An excellent way to find out more about permaculture is to attend our two-day introductory course. This ‘taster’ will provide an opportunity to actively learn about the principles and see examples of designs being implemented by projects.


Our weekend course offers an introduction to the ethics, principles and design tools of permaculture. Come along and learn what Permaculture is and what it can do for your and your current lifestyle. This course is suitable for you if you have a smallholding, small garden, allotment and even if you are don‘t grow food. Its a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people.


The course provides the opportunity to discuss vitally important issues in a positive, creative and supportive space. The course is lively, participatory and thought provoking.

The sessions include:

Ethics and principles
Examples of permaculture
An observation exercise
A practical exercise or walk
An overview of the permaculture network and how to find out more.


Our introductory course doesn’t cover all the topics in great detail – it is a taster and overview. If you already know you want to find out about permaculture in more depth, it may be better to go straight on to a full permaculture design course, discounts will be offered for the full design course if you have attended the introduction course.

Introduction to Agroforestry and Design @ Huxhams Cross Farm
Sep 20 @ 5.00pm – Sep 22 @ 5.00pm


“Agroforestry is both  a traditional practice, and a modern practice. It has undergone a renewal and uptake for modern sustainable farming methods over the last 30-40 years.  The  name of “agroforestry” was created in 1977 to describe the deliberate use of incorporating trees into farming practice.”

The course will be run by Marina O’Connell – Marina O’Connell is a horticulturist, permaculture designer, tutor and a biodynamic farmer. She has over 30 years of experience of training and growing in sustainable food systems including designing and implementing agroforestry systems on three farms. This three day course will equip you with an overview in how to design, implement and manage an agroforestry system.  Starting with an introduction to Agroforestry and it benefits the course will lead you through designing and planning your own agroforestry system.

We will visit four agroforestry systems on the Dartington Hall Estate, incorporating Alley Cropping, the Forest Garden at Martin Crawford’s Agroforestry Research Centre, and the new Agroforestry plots at the Schumacher College and at Huxhams Cross Farm.