Probable carcinogen in 30% of all commercial bread

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'Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic' quote

The Soil Association warns that up to 30% of UK bread tested contained glyphosate, the main ingredient in most commercial weedkillers.  Only certified organic bread can guarantee it does not contain glyphosate.

a recent study found that in the UK 7 of 10 people had traces of weedkiller in their urine400% increase in 20 yearsGlyphosate is the most widely sold weedkiller in the world. You may recognise it as the active ingredient in Roundup. The big chemical companies advise farmers to spray their wheat crops with glyphosate a few weeks before harvest – to kill the crop and remove weeds to make it easier for them to harvest.

There are no safe levels of glyphosate in food.

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