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Water shortage in the garden?

Wise words from Garden Organic Even if you don’t remember the drought of 1976, you are probably aware of the current water shortages across England.  With the forecast due for a dry July, here below are some tips for the organic gardener. And in years to come, its worth making your growing area more water … Continue reading »

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Poo powered toilets

India is in the midst of a toilet-building frenzy, the government has set aside $20bn (£15bn) for the health initiative and aims to stop people having to defecate in the open by 2019. One social enterprise in one of India’s poorest areas is taking on the challenge of building public toilets. It is using the … Continue reading »

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Water woes in India

See this BBC page. Are we doing all we can to save water?  Rainwater should be captured in butts and tanks for garden use.  

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The fate of the Ganga

India’s dying mother The BBC investigates the pollution of the River Ganga (Ganges) and how to clean it up. cp. Amma donates 100 Crore for ‘Namami Gange’ cleaning Ganga project (providing toilets for villages surrounding the River Ganga)

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Southill Solar

Southill Solar Farm has just received planning permission and hopes to be operating by July 2016.  It will be one of the very few community-owned solar farms in the UK.  As well as the panels, there will be a wildflower meadow and an orchard on the land. The electricity expected to be generated will be … Continue reading »

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Green Gold – regreening the desert

“It’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems.” Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally.

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Tidal power could be 15% of Britain’s electricity

Oxford Today discusses tidal fence technology in the Bristol Channel. …tidal power overall could potentially contribute around 15 per cent of the UK’s electricity supply in 25 years’ time, with barrage technology…

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Denmark’s solar record

On Thursday, Denmark produced between 116% and 140% of its national electricity from wind turbines, without their even operating at full capacity. Guardian report

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Sustainable Business Awards 2015

Highlights from the Guardian awards:- Cafeology, farming coffee in Guatemala in a way that protects the rainforest, encourages migrating birds and improves the growers’ livelihood. Ikea (yes, that Ikea) investing €1.5 billion in renewable energy equipment, and buying cotton from sustainable sources Divine Chocolate making a profit but still giving cocoa producers a livelihood Interface, a … Continue reading »

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Heating a million homes

A million properties across England could in future be heated by water from rivers, canals and the sea, the government says.The Department for Energy calculates this is the potential of a technology known as the water source heat pump.This relies on a heat exchanger, which uses a system akin to refrigeration to amplify warmth from … Continue reading »

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