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Southill Solar

Southill Solar Farm has just received planning permission and hopes to be operating by July 2016.  It will be one of the very few community-owned solar farms in the UK.  As well as the panels, there will be a wildflower meadow and an orchard on the land. The electricity expected to be generated will be … Continue reading »

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Tidal power could be 15% of Britain’s electricity

Oxford Today discusses tidal fence technology in the Bristol Channel. …tidal power overall could potentially contribute around 15 per cent of the UK’s electricity supply in 25 years’ time, with barrage technology…

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Denmark’s solar record

On Thursday, Denmark produced between 116% and 140% of its national electricity from wind turbines, without their even operating at full capacity. Guardian report

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Powering the Future – Energy at National Trust properties

The Autumn 2014 National Trust Magazine gives details of ways in which their properties are starting to use less energy: with hydro electricity in Northumberland, wind turbines in Cumbria, electric Land Rovers in Snowdonia, biomass in Herefordshire, sea power at Plas Newydd (with the UK’s biggest marine-source heat pump) and a giant waterwheel (the largest in … Continue reading »

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Amrita Sphuranam, village electrification project launched

The Amrita Sphuranam project of Amrita Centre for Wireless Networks and Applications, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math will be providing solar-powered electrification for the entire rural village of Motakkara in Wayanad.  Amrita Sphuranam was created as part of Amrita University’s Live-in-Labs Program and the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s Amrita SeRVE initiative to make 101 villages in India … Continue reading »

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Microbial Fuel Cell generating electricity from wastewater

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations The Amrita Center of Biotechnology introduced a Microbial Fuel Cell, which utilizes energy from bacterial growth in wastewater to generate electricity while simultaneously bringing about purification of the wastewater – an important step in addressing the sanitation and energy problems that are very relevant in … Continue reading »

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I have just upgraded to a cold press juicer, and everything is lovely!  The old juicer made a noise and left a large cleaning job to do; whereas the new model is almost silent by comparison, and leaves the dry pith in a separate container.  The cleaning is much easier, and I intend to celebrate by … Continue reading »

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My microalgae lamp absorbs CO2!

“Shamengo pioneer Pierre Calleja has invented something truly remarkable – an algae lamp that absorbs CO2 in the air–at the rate of 1 ton PER YEAR, or what a tree absorbs over its entire lifetime!  While development is still needed to make a cost-effective product, the microalgae streetlamp has the potential to provide significantly cleaner … Continue reading »

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Ecotricity – a double whammy!

If you join Ecotricity quoting this code: RAFE-T9F5F, both of us will get up to £50 to spend at the Ecotopia website. Continue reading »

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Putting the P in Power

 All these BBC pages are about one thing: the potential uses of urine. “A research team at Heriot-Watt University is investigating whether urine could be used as a source of renewable energy.  The scientists have developed a system to test whether it can be used in fuel cells as an alternative to flammable hydrogen or … Continue reading »

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