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Conserving water and energy

All aboard the solar train?

10:10 Climate Action have published a report on how solar PV can be connected to trains running DC traction using a third rail, as in London, Merseyrail and elsewhere. Grid capacity constraints mean new renewable generating capacity can no longer connect affordably across whole regions of the UK. Withdrawal of subsidies for solar PV means … Continue reading »

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Amrita Sphuranam, village electrification project launched

The Amrita Sphuranam project of Amrita Centre for Wireless Networks and Applications, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math will be providing solar-powered electrification for the entire rural village of Motakkara in Wayanad.  Amrita Sphuranam was created as part of Amrita University’s Live-in-Labs Program and the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s Amrita SeRVE initiative to make 101 villages in India … Continue reading »

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IT and waste collectors in Bangalore

“Bangalore’s streets have always been a concoction of smells, from roasting coffee beans to the doughy sweetness of local bakeries. But the one smell that will probably invade your senses today is the foul stench of garbage. While most of us would crinkle our noses at this stink, waste-pickers busily scavenge through the garbage heaps … Continue reading »

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Building a rocket stove

At the Experience Week this year at Centre Amma, at Pontgouin (near Chartres), we assembled a rocket stove in a matter of hours on the first day, tested it on the second day and disassembled it on the third. Day one

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Emergency appeal for Zimbabwe

Practical Action write:- “Broken pipes in Zimbabwe irrigation systems mean that farmers are unable to grow crops to feed and support their families. Farmers like Reginald Tawanda, he’s farmed in Manicaland, Zimbabwe for over 50 years. He has always supported his family but since 2000 the erratic rainfall coupled with the broken pipes means he … Continue reading »

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Droughts and floods are our future

The Environment Agency has said that Britain must adapt to weather extremes, on the basis of the data for 2012, when within a four-month period rivers such as the Tyne, Ouse and Tone fell to their lowest and rose to their highest flows since records began. This makes water conservation in gardens even more important.

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Flood prevention – what CAN be done

It is possible to design housing developments that contain all the run-off of water from the roofs, as this BBC report on a development in Sheffield shows.  Conserving water is not just one of the InDeed pledges, but also a cardinal principle of permaculture design and good sense.  Water that does not go into drains does … Continue reading »

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