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What we do next: a message from the Kogi

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Nature triumphs in the city

How Văcărești turned from a Communist failure into a nature reserve.  “The wild wetland of Văcărești is a symbol of nature’s resilience. Without human interference, wildlife has reconquered this abandoned lake and transformed it into a green oasis in the middle of one of Europe’s densest cities.”  

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Today’s visitor

The blue tit keeps coming close to the house…

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Neonicotinoid pesticides – update from the Soil Association

The Soil Association has written about the wider impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on all forms of life.  A leading bee researcher, Professor Dave Goulson of Sussex University, stated at the Soil Association Conference in October 2014:- “Five neonicotinoid dressed maize seeds, or 32 dressed oilseed rape seeds, are enough to kill a partridge.” Some of … Continue reading »

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Wildlife SOS – How You Can Help Save Our Endangered Species

This week’s Radio Times comes with a free insert in the middle.  One side has a beautiful A2 picture of rare animals, from barn owl to red squirrel and stag beetle; the other side has tips on how to help particular species (e.g. visiting puffins), and a picture of wildlife gardening with useful tips. This … Continue reading »

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Climate changes

On top of the threat to bees, which causes them to lose their sense of direction, comes news from Radio 4 that migrating birds are falling out of the sky on their way to Britain, owing to extreme weather conditions. Does anyone seriously believe that our climate is not changing?

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