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The 3 step plastic challenge

from GreenFriends North America Our Beloved Amma has requested that her children take up the challenge of Source Reduction – preventing waste and pollution before it actually happens – to live a more sustainable life on our precious Mother Earth. To honour Amma’s request, we are launching a Plastic Challenge that asks all devotees to … Continue reading »

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Twenty years of climate change in two minutes

NASA has published a film of Earth’s seasons showing how the climate has changed in the past twenty years.  As they say, we only have one planet, and it’s a delicate place. The data visualization, released this week, shows Earth’s fluctuations as seen from space. The polar ice caps and snow cover are shown ebbing … Continue reading »

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Falling in love with the Earth

In 2014 Thich Nhat Hanh, a senior Vietnamese Buddhist, was asked to give a brief statement to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  about climate change and our relationship to one another and to the Earth.  His statement is called ‘Falling in love with the Earth.’

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Forest conservation

As if to emphasize the need for everyone to plant trees, which is one of the InDeed initiatives, the Global Forest Coalition has published a report called Biomyths: the costly carbon scam of bioenergy, exposing the dangers to the environment of growing wood merely for biomass generation.  This is not a method of reducing carbon … Continue reading »

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Voices of Amerikua | Moretecocha – Ecuador

The community of Morete Cocha is located in the region of Pastaza Province in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Like many other communities Morete Cocha is under threat by oil companies seeking to exploit crude oil in the community’s land. This is the story of one community’s search for environmental and cultural preservation. The phrase … Continue reading »

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IPCC latest report on climate change

See also IPCC report (Guardian)

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Oceans going acid – the latest from the climate change course

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Climate change – week 1

We learned the key principles, that certain gases in the atmosphere act like a blanket, warming the Earth from -18C to +15C: chiefly water vapour, CO2 and others. We were told that weather and climate are distinct: that weather consists of daily elements whereas climate relates to long periods of thirty years or more.  I … Continue reading »

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Climate change course – what do you think?

The free online course at the University of Exeter has just started, and two of us have joined it.  So here is an opportunity to reflect on the topic in ways that the course may not deal with. For example, is the scientific approach the right one or the only one to deal with the … Continue reading »

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Climate change – a new online course free!

“Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions. A FREE online course from the University of Exeter Our very first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) begins on 13th January 2014 on the Open University’s FutureLearn platform, and lasts for eight weeks. The free course is open to absolutely everybody – whether you are a student considering coming to … Continue reading »

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