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Community gardening

Growing Your Own Food – Act Now – Vertical Garden in Progress

Have you ever thought about growing your own food, but did not quite know how to go about it? Well, it’s easy and accessible to everyone. Even if you have no land, no garden and no balcony – as long as you live in a room where there is natural light, you can grow a little … Continue reading »

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GetGrowing Gets Going in the UK

This May the very first GetGrowing course was run in the UK. For those not aware this is a hugely successful short course to teach complete novices how to start growing some of their own food, something that Amma’s is urging us to do and is one of the six InDeed pledges. The course has … Continue reading »

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Nomadic community gardens

Nomadic Community Gardens from Ross Harrison on Vimeo.

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Planting trees in the desert of Barcelona

Prisoners with Amma Quatre Camins is a prison near Barcelona where  volunteers working out of Barcelona have been running an outreach program involving Integrated Amma Meditation courses. But meditation is not for everyone. That’s why 18 months ago, our volunteers started a garden at the prison called “Amma’s Garden” where the more action-oriented prisoners can … Continue reading »

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Community farming

Community supported agriculture, or CSA as it is called, is practised in many places:- What is happening in your area?

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Community gardens in London

A film for those of us who want to experience Nature while living in a big city:- “If the parks of London are the lungs of the city, the farms and gardens are its heart. Hidden in the back-streets and back-alleys of neglected estates, on railway sidings and in disused corners of the city, seemingly … Continue reading »

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Nottinghamshire farm ecocentre

David Rose is turning his arable farm at Screveton into a fully-fledged ‘ecocentre,’ with help from the Woodland Trust. His latest wheeze is to stripe his wheat fields with rows of apple trees.  This is called alley cropping, and is designed to nourish the soil, encourage wildlife and harvest apples for cider-making. See; the alley … Continue reading »

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Haiti slum becomes an oasis

Guardian The Jaden Tap Tap is a community garden in Haiti created from a landfill, mainly through planting moringa, the Tree of Life.  “”You don’t need space to garden, we tell people; you just need to want to,” says the project’s director.

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