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Smog-free cities

Daan Roosegaarde is creating smog-free towers, which concentrate pollution into carbon and generate clean air, and jewellery made from the carbon.  You can buy rings from his organization made from polluted air.  (The pollution in Chinese cities is equivalent to 17 cigarettes a day.) Today Rotterdam and China, tomorrow the world!

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‘Neonics’ – more bad news

The Soil Association has reported further dangers from neonicotinoids, the chemical pesticides which are known to be dangerous to bees:- Now, disturbing new research, part-funded by the Soil Association and thanks to the Roddick Foundation, reveals that neonicotinoids don’t just stop at the crop. They seep into soils and dust and into hedgerows and flowers … Continue reading »

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Sustainable Business Awards 2015

Highlights from the Guardian awards:- Cafeology, farming coffee in Guatemala in a way that protects the rainforest, encourages migrating birds and improves the growers’ livelihood. Ikea (yes, that Ikea) investing €1.5 billion in renewable energy equipment, and buying cotton from sustainable sources Divine Chocolate making a profit but still giving cocoa producers a livelihood Interface, a … Continue reading »

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Heating a million homes

A million properties across England could in future be heated by water from rivers, canals and the sea, the government says.The Department for Energy calculates this is the potential of a technology known as the water source heat pump.This relies on a heat exchanger, which uses a system akin to refrigeration to amplify warmth from … Continue reading »

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Neonicotinoid pesticides – update from the Soil Association

The Soil Association has written about the wider impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on all forms of life.  A leading bee researcher, Professor Dave Goulson of Sussex University, stated at the Soil Association Conference in October 2014:- “Five neonicotinoid dressed maize seeds, or 32 dressed oilseed rape seeds, are enough to kill a partridge.” Some of … Continue reading »

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Amrita Sphuranam, village electrification project launched

The Amrita Sphuranam project of Amrita Centre for Wireless Networks and Applications, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math will be providing solar-powered electrification for the entire rural village of Motakkara in Wayanad.  Amrita Sphuranam was created as part of Amrita University’s Live-in-Labs Program and the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s Amrita SeRVE initiative to make 101 villages in India … Continue reading »

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IT and waste collectors in Bangalore

“Bangalore’s streets have always been a concoction of smells, from roasting coffee beans to the doughy sweetness of local bakeries. But the one smell that will probably invade your senses today is the foul stench of garbage. While most of us would crinkle our noses at this stink, waste-pickers busily scavenge through the garbage heaps … Continue reading »

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Building a rocket stove

At the Experience Week this year at Centre Amma, at Pontgouin (near Chartres), we assembled a rocket stove in a matter of hours on the first day, tested it on the second day and disassembled it on the third. Day one

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My microalgae lamp absorbs CO2!

“Shamengo pioneer Pierre Calleja has invented something truly remarkable – an algae lamp that absorbs CO2 in the air–at the rate of 1 ton PER YEAR, or what a tree absorbs over its entire lifetime!  While development is still needed to make a cost-effective product, the microalgae streetlamp has the potential to provide significantly cleaner … Continue reading »

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Solar powered transport

See The Guardian online “A new generation of solar-powered vehicles is making extraordinary journeys around the world and pushing the boundaries of technical knowledge Tom Cheshire, The Observer, Sunday 25 August 2013 The Solar Impulse glides over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco during a test flight in April. The wings of the experimental … Continue reading »

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