Climate change – week 1

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We learned the key principles, that certain gases in the atmosphere act like a blanket, warming the Earth from -18C to +15C: chiefly water vapour, CO2 and others.

We were told that weather and climate are distinct: that weather consists of daily elements whereas climate relates to long periods of thirty years or more.  I found this unsatisfactory, because if the climate is changing there should be evidence of it, and it is not to be dismissed as mere ‘weather’.  It seems to me that the world is undergoing huge changes right now.  There are more extreme weather events than scientists can account for without allowing for a change of climate.  [For example, Peru is experiencing unprecedented dry weather.]

What we have not been told is the connection between Nature and ourselves.  When we are told of ‘the self regulating capacity of our planet’, and that “the Earth’s climate has self-regulated for the past 4½ billion years”, why are we not compelled to recognize the action of a living entity?

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