Emergency appeal for Zimbabwe

Practical Action write:-

“Broken pipes in Zimbabwe irrigation systems mean that farmers are unable to grow crops to feed and support their families.
Farmers like Reginald Tawanda, he’s farmed in Manicaland, Zimbabwe for over 50 years. He has always supported his family but since 2000 the erratic rainfall coupled with the broken pipes means he has struggled to provide for his family.
It’s sad to know that in recent years this proud old man, like many others, has been forced to seek food aid in order to feed his family. But you can make a difference.
Agriculture is the main source of food and income for Zimbabwe’s rural population; erratic rainfall means that every drop of water is precious, but 70% of rain that falls is wasted due to damaged irrigation systems.
Simple rehabilitation of these systems will allow water to be stored and available throughout the year. Having working irrigation in place will give farmers access to the water they need to produce three harvests a year, and so will be able to provide for their family.
The systems are already there but at 80 years old they have fallen into disrepair and are only working at 30% capacity. With your help we can provide the basic materials such as pipes, bricks, cement and solvent cement and work with communities to repair and maintain their vital systems.
Our work starts with repairing the damaged irrigation channels and repairing the water storage facilities, but it can’t stop there if we are to have a long term solution.

• We will work closely with the community to ensure they can maintain the irrigation systems.
• We will work with the community to improve access to seeds and fertilisers; giving greater choice and diversity of crops

This vital project will ensure that farmers will be able to grow enough food all year round and farm more effectively. Improved harvests will give poor families the ability to sell and additional produce at local markets giving a small income to help with medical and education costs.”

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