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Call of the Forest

Posted by on August 16th 2018
September 14th 2018 @ 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Finstock Village Hall
Chipping Norton OX7

Call of the Forest

The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

Visionary scientist and acclaimed author, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, opens our eyes to what is for many of us, the unfamiliar world of the forest. Trees are one of this planet’s most significant creators of food, new medicines, and oxygen. Forests, with their ability to capture carbon dioxide, fostered the evolution of life on Earth and have sustained our living, breathable atmosphere for millions of years. Yet we intentionally cut down billions of trees every year; leaving only five percent of the world’s old growth forests intact.

In ‘Call Of the Forest – the Forgotten Wisdom Of Trees’, Beresford-Kroeger’s journey explores our profound biological and spiritual connection to trees. From Japan to California and Ireland to Germany, to Vancouver Island and across to the great Boreal Forest, Diana meets people who are taking the lead to replant, restore and protect the last of these great ancient species forests. As the journey progresses the film explores the science, folklore, and history of this essential, and often overlooked, eco-system.

This compelling story sounds the alarm by calling for immediate action on a global scale, but at it its heart it is a story of triumph, offering a simple, achievable strategy for each of us to combat climate change by replanting forests in our own neighbourhoods, yards and parks.

Please note: this showing is under licence and is restricted to thirty persons.