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June 20-22 is the UN Rio+20 summit, an attempt at an intergovernmental  follow-up to the Rio summit of 1992. That set out the agenda for international  action to cope with climate change. That conference was influenced to some extent by the Kogi message in From The Heart of the World. Just as the Kogi now say that we didn’t actually do anything in response, so do the UN.

The Kogi response is their new film, ALUNA, in which they explain their  concerns directly to leading scientists. It will premiere at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival on June 15. Two of the scientists, Professor Alex Rogers (who was lead author of the UN Report on the State of the Oceans) and Professor Jonathan Baillie (Head of Conservation of the London Zoological Society) will be at Rio and want ALUNA presented there. Two Kogi Mamas have agreed to go. Getting them there and arranging an event at Rio is an expensive business – it will cost approx £7,000.

I believe this is something you might want to support. This is a moment to put aside cynicism and negativity, however well based, and recognize that we must all do what we can. As individuals we have no control over the big picture, but we do have the power to add our voices to the Kogis’ in the hope that something may result.

I do hope that you might be able to help with a donation through the  website (click “Support”) or by cheque to this address:-

Alan Ereira
Tairona Heritage Trust
90 Summerlee Avenue
London N2 9QH

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