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Posted by on August 31st 2012

“Working with his own personally developed 65mm cameras, director Ron Fricke takes us on a breathtaking pan-global trip – in every sense of the term.

The Sanskrit title roughly translates as ‘cyclical existence’.  SAMSARA lacks dialogue or narration, instead captivating its audience with an eye-boggling procession of panoramic images.

Stunning realisations of Yosemite Valley and the Himalayas meld with sweeping descents over Mecca during the hajj; African families appear in stark contrast to a thousand Chinese hand-dancers… and so it continues.

Fricke co-wrote the Philip Glass-scored epic KOYAANISQATSI, and although not the most prolific filmmaker – his last directing credit was for the similarly dreamlike BARAKA (‘breath of life’) in 1992 – his work is so visually arresting, so unique, that SAMSARA is truly unmissable.”