GreenFriends retreat 2013

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GreenFriends Retreat 2013

 Cheddar Retreat 2013 - Task Group

This year, the GreenFriends retreat was held at Mary and Huw’s house in Cheddar. Our aim for the weekend was to identify a range of actions Friends of Amma could do to follow Amma’s InDeed Pledges.

Saturday morning was spent in their permaculture garden discussing ways of conserving water, saving in water butts, underground storage and lessening water loss through mulching. Embraced by warm summer sun we enjoyed Ecomeditation and much Al Fresco dining.

In the afternoon we picked up litter and cut back bramble and tidied a local Sustrans cycle route, often met with local interest of what are we doing? Why? And thank yous too.

We gathered in the evening for Satsang and were joined by Glastonbury locals, thirty of us very snug in Huw and Mary’s sitting room, our hearts filled with Devi song and love. Early mornings were spent in practices, chanting the 108 and 1000 names, before breakfast.

Cheddar  retreat - flowers

Their garden was an ideal example of permaculture, the first I had seen. I was intrigued and so inspired by this mixed planting, bordered vegetable and herb garden, and took many ideas home to my own garden.

In the woods

Afternoon walking through the biodiversity of ancient woodland filled with the sights and scents of wild garlic and bluebells will imprint on my memory for ever. Standing on the edge of Cheddar Gorge and looking down also will for its magnificence and geological impact on the area.

Cheddar retreat - the Gorge

For me this weekend was full of ease and joy, opening my mind to the possibilities of how I could make small changes in my life to create and connect to nature, my food supply, and being mindful of waste and my impact on the world as a consumer. Since returning I have found locals and Satsang members very interested in also making these changes. And as a group the impact we can have at the Amma programme by implementing ideas, raising awareness and being proactive. I would conclude: seven Amma devotees came together, talked and shared Ammas Indeed Pledges and while working, yes we also had a lot of fun. As a “newbie” to GreenFriends I felt my ideas were welcomed, I became absorbed in the interest and ideas others shared and a wealth of knowledge came forth. We will be sharing this information with you as handy tips and leaflets so watch this space.

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