GreenFriends stall at Alexandra Palace

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This will be the second year there has been a GreenFriends stall at Amma’s visit to Alexandra Palace [November 15th-17th], and this year it will be more prominent, close to the Tour staff’s own stall.

Tree planting

One focus will be on sponsoring trees to be planted at Ettimadai by volunteers at the university there.  Ettimadai is one of Amma’s miracles: a paradise of trees and medicinal plants growing in what used to be a desert.  It lies in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats that tower over it.

The plan is to have some representative trees, which people can take to be blessed by Amma,  which will symbolize the trees to be planted in India.  They will probably be apple trees of unusual varieties, and we hope to sell the plants as well.  Imagine having a tree in your garden that Amma has blessed!!


We hope to provide recycled newspaper paper bags for all stalls, including food stalls, at the Amma London event this year. For this we need large amounts of paper to turn into bags !!!!

We are asking people to bring:-

  • any old broadsheet newspapers (e.g. Guardian or Telegraph, not Mirror, Express etc., as the latter are too small)
  • old wallpaper
  • old wrapping paper

These should not be specially bought, but they should be materials that would otherwise be thrown out or put into your recycling bin.

For an exciting demonstration on how to turn waste paper into glue-free, staple-free and sellotape free paper bags, please see this Youtube link.

If you are able to bring any of these materials, please let us know, and bring them to the Greenfriends stall in the hall at the event


Learn about composting kitchen waste by the Bokashi method.  Become a Bokashi expert…!

There will also be news of what is happening around the country, including Ireland.

We need your help!

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