GreenFriends activities over the year.

maitreya March 2014

Friends in Maitreya House next to Amma’s altar

 Over the year GreenFriends have many get togethers. Our retreats are full of walks, planning Indeed initiative actions, gardening, enjoying nature, lots of lovely vegetarian food and of course celebrating our beloved Amma. Many of the groups have arranged walks and everyone is encouraged to join in. Of course we all meet when Amma comes to London for a few days in October/November time, where we have a GreenFriends stall, we organise the programmes recycling, and at present are also planning on offering home grown vegetables for at least one vegetarian cooked meal each day of Ammas visit.


Maitreya House

Maitreya House Expressive Dance Weekend- March 2014

In the valleys west of the Black Mountains is a Buddhist Centre, For the last few years some Amma Friends rent out the space for the weekend for a gathering. The small cottage and surrounding land lend themselves to spiritual practices, walks and meditations. This year  in 2014 we included a 5 Rythms Style Dance session at a local village hall. We also had a chance to do many of the GreenFriends activities Amma encourages, such as plant vegetables and wild flowers, practice Ecomeditation, share cuttings off a parent aloe vera plant, and generally enjoy the beautiful countryside…oh yes and hugged  a few trees!


Joyful dancers!

“The sun was shining as I approached Maitreya House in Herefordshire. I was glad to be back with my Amma friends and also intrigued by the panned events which included 5 Rythms Style dancing. this is a movement meditation practice devised by Gabrielle Roth and is drawn from indigenous and world tradtions. Quite a few of us were “newbies” and I’m quite shy about dancing in public so wondered what it entailed but as the music started and Surya skilfully guided us through the different rythms I  found myself relaxing and going with the flow. The fact that the environment was so supportive really helped me. the music had been expertly put together from bhajans to “Muse” to help us connect with the different movements”.

Adele-Birmingham GF Representative.


Dowsing energy amongst the trees.

“Another couple of highlights for me was during the GreenFriends day on Sunday after the group Ecomeditation on the lawn we did an dowsing session, checking the energy lines around the grounds. Then we did some gardening and planted flower seeds, red onions and potatoes. There were so many group moments during our time, I feel so blessed to have the chance to be with my dear Amma Sisters  and Brothers and look forward to the next time”!

Adele- Birmingham GF Representative

P3140211 Surya digging in potatoes!

That’s a little taster of our Amma Friends Retreat in March, we were so blessed sun was out, I even came home a little pink, luckily we had aloe vera to rub on my sun burn. If you would like to join us  July 18-20 th please contact me. There is an added day on the Monday 21st when we have a walk up Hatterall Hill in the Black Mountains, picnic lunch and visit our allotment ” Ma’s Patch” in Pandy, Abergavenney for a blessing and some gardening”.

Surya-Herefordshire GF Representative.

On stage with Amma at London Programme

Veggies 3

Permission given by Amma-GreenFriends Pumpkin having a super Amma blessing!

Veggies 2

Permission given by Amma- Salutations of our Beloved Amma !

Veggies 1

Permission given by Amma- Vegetables for meal having Amma blessing!

GreenFriends Walks

Wye Valley walk in Herefordshire last year July 7th 2013

Wye view - Geoff L

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Sutton park, Birmingham GreenFriends walk 2013

On 23 rd June the Birmingham satsang met for a GreenFriends walk in Sutton park. Quite a few of the people hadn’t  been before so I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and telling stories of my experiences.  We walked around an area called Blackroot which is a lovely walk through the woods to one of the many pools. It was lovely to meet up with other Amma devotees and walk in nature. I would definitely  recommend to other satsangs.

Adele-Birmingham GF Representative

GreenFriends Retreat in May 2013

In the woods

 Walk up to Cheddar Gorge through wild garlic

For me this weekend was full of ease and joy, opening my mind to the possibilities of how I could make small changes in my life to create and connect to nature, my food supply, and being mindful of waste and my impact on the world as a consumer. Since returning I have found locals and Satsang members very interested in also making these changes. And as a group the impact we can have at the Amma programme by implementing ideas, raising awareness and being proactive. I would conclude: seven Amma devotees came together, talked and shared Ammas Indeed Pledges and while working, yes we also had a lot of fun. As a “newbie” to GreenFriends I felt my ideas were welcomed, I became absorbed in the interest and ideas others shared and a wealth of knowledge came forth. We will be sharing this information with you as handy tips and leaflets so watch this space.

Surya-Herfordshire GF Representative

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