Homeopathic flu vaccines approved in Canada

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22 May 2013
Ten homeopathic flu vaccines have been licensed for use by Canada’s health regulator.  They join a growing list of homeopathic vaccines available to Canadians, including ones to prevent polio, measles and pertussis (whooping cough).  All of the vaccines have passed tests that deem them to be “safe and effective when used according to instructions on the label.”
The latest licences have been granted to a range of homeopathic flu vaccines called Influenzinum, which have been manufactured by various companies, including BJ Pharmaceutical, Boiron and Homeocan.
Health Canada’s decision has triggered protests from the pro-Pharma lobby of sceptics and self-styled ‘quack busters’.  Leading the charge has been Lloyd Oppel, Canada’s leading ‘quack buster’ and chairman of the British Columbia Medical Association’s council on health promotion.  He says: “Although real vaccines use low doses of part of an infectious agent to prevent disease, homeopathic preparations typically are diluted beyond the point where a single molecule remains.”
(Source: British Columbia Medical Journal, 2013, 55: 201-2).
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