Litter picking day

Amma has asked us to take part in a seva project that can be broadcast at Her birthday celebrations in September.    I suggest we concentrate on litter picking, which is something that every satsang in the UK, and every individual, young or old, can take part in.

This will be different in every area, and it does not have to be all done on one day.  But between now and the weekend before Amma’s birthday, i.e. September 21st-22nd, let us each resolve to spend one day (or part of a day) picking up litter.  It can be done in groups or it can be done singly; it can be done in a city or in the country.  The only requirement is that someone should take pictures, or movies, of the litter picking, and that the pictures and movies be collected in a form which can be broadcast.

Speaking for myself, I find that looking for litter is a way to focus awareness.  I walk to the shop and I find bits of plastic, beer cans and other stuff (let’s not call it rubbish: waste is food, as Warren Brush told us) lying yards away, often very close to a litter bin.  Or I walk along a footpath or the side of a road, and the amount of litter to pick up jumps out at me.  There is often too much to pick up in one trip.

Watch out for litter picking events posted here or perhaps on the ammauk Yahoo group.

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  1. Treebeard

    Don’t forget to take elementary safety precautions, especially if you involve children. You should either wear gloves or pick up litter with a special prong. If you do handle anything, make sure to wash afterwards.