Neonicotinoid pesticides – update from the Soil Association

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The Soil Association has written about the wider impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on all forms of life.  A leading bee researcher, Professor Dave Goulson of Sussex University, stated at the Soil Association Conference in October 2014:-

“Five neonicotinoid dressed maize seeds, or 32 dressed oilseed rape seeds, are enough to kill a partridge.”

Some of these pesticides have been banned by the EU but only for a short period; and the UK Government has already permitted the use of two neonicotinoids not covered by the ban. Meanwhile, big companies are attempting to overturn the EU suspension.

“In some cases neonicotinoids are found to be up to 10,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT.”

Findings of this summer’s Worldwide Integrated Assessment on Systemic Pesticides

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