Pandy Allotment in Welsh Borders

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Allotment number 4 at Llanvihangel Crucorney Allotments. “Ma’s Patch.” It is with great pleasure I can now confirm that I have an allotment number 4 at Pandy, 250m squared, 10 m wide and 25m long, it is a full war time sized allotment. At the moment it has some grass, growing so my first job is to weed, then use a rotavator on the soil. Because of the mammoth task I have separated into 4 plots and therefore 4 stages. The first plot already has a few parsnips and raspberries growing on so I will weed and put in some seeds that I already have, just to see something happen fairly quickly and inspire me. The second will just have potatoes,fairly cheap to plant and will enrich the soil the third will be completely turned and covered, ready for planting summer vegetables. the back part of the plot I am next to the fence and the shadow from larger plants will be over the fields rather than a neighbours plot so I am looking into larger plats and trees here. I am also growing flowers for our local Amma Satsangs and have a plan to grow a lovely bunch of Allotment grown flowers for Amma at the London Programme this year. Also I am planning in vegetables that will ripen in October to offer for our GreenFriends cooked dish as it was such a success last year.


My husband Geoff on no. 4

 I feel very blessed to have received this allotment as technically it is not my council area and actually is in Wales not England, I live just on the border. A neighbour put in a good word for me as she is a secretary of the Allotment committee. Its in a beautiful spot with the sacred mountain the Skirrid overlooking on one side and Hatterall Hill of the Black Mountains on the other. The site has full sun shine, plus a community orchard around its perimeters. We are encouraged to use stripped poles of wood from the natural hedgerow for our beans. The committee also meet monthly at the local pub for discussions and have a Saturday morning work party once a month. There are storage sheds, that are under Brecon Beacons National park legislation at the moment and have permission for 3 years, the committee are looking to help them up date local legislation to remain permanently. To read about our first day at the allotment go to page

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namh, Surya Herefordshire GF Rep

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