Permaculture design course in M.A. Center Germany

Unique permaculture design course in M.A. Center Germany in May 2012


Permaculture course
29th APRIL to 13th MAY 2012
OM Amriteshwaryai Namah
Dear GreenFriends leaders,
The M.A. Centre Germany  organises a 2 weeks permaculture design course next year, from 29th of April to 13th of May 2012. The teacher is Warren Brush, an international expert on permaculture who will be coming from US to teach us. Nath (from Ayudh) attended the same course in Kenya last year and he kindly organised that Warren could come and propose the same course in Europe. Nath presented the course during the last European Organisers Meeting in Germany.
Permaculture is an interesting approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecosystems. It be can useful for many of Amma’s European projects, especially regarding the Centres and GreenFriends. We will soon send you more details about the content of the course.
We decided to offer a sponsorship to 10 to 12 active devotees in Europe who will use what they will learn in Amma’s projects. These sponsored people will be asked to send a description of their project or of their commitment to participate in this course (deadline can be end of November, after the European Tour). We would be very happy to offer the course to very committed people.
For them the charge will be on a donation basis, for the 2-weeks accommodation (in dormitories) and food in the German ashram.
For all other who want to participate the price is 950 euros including accommodation (good rooms) and food. There is a limited number of participants.
If you know someone in Amma’s organisation who would fit the sponsorship requirements, please ask him/her to get in contact with me.
If you know someone who may be interested in paying the normal price, please tell him/her about this exceptionnal opportunity.
All participants will receive a certificate in permaculture design.
For any questions, please contact me.
This course is an unique opportunity. Thanks to take great consideration of it.
In Amma’s Love and Service,
Mathieu / Divyanand, for GreenFriends-Europe
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