Planting trees at Woodstock (National Tree Week)

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Although it was frosty and late in the year, the ground was only frozen to the grassroots level.  A group of about fifteen of us managed to plant 170 trees in a couple of hours, on land that used to be allotments outside the walls of the Blenheim Estate.

The trees went in easily.  Then we had to put a plastic protector around each tree and tie it to the stake previously hammered into the ground.  Some of the protectors had been removed from trees planted before and were to be reused, which created a lot of work for one lady who took on the job of threading ratchet ties onto each one.

A good morning; and I have only just discovered and read the comprehensive instructions we were handed, which include a risk assessment with such gems as “Long-handled shovel users can elbow onlookers standing too close behind.”

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