Powering the Future – Energy at National Trust properties

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The Autumn 2014 National Trust Magazine gives details of ways in which their properties are starting to use less energy: with hydro electricity in Northumberland, wind turbines in Cumbria, electric Land Rovers in Snowdonia, biomass in Herefordshire, sea power at Plas Newydd (with the UK’s biggest marine-source heat pump) and a giant waterwheel (the largest in Europe) in Neath.

“‘It’s a wonderful vision that our estates, which used to be self-sufficient, with walled gardens and farms for food and mills for flour, will be generating energy in the same way again,’ says Rural Enterprises Director Patrick Hogg.”

“Some Trust members may question why the charity should bother itself about global warming.  However, concern about the wider environment has always been at the heart of what the Trust does, and climate change is a threat to its work.  Sixty per cent of the 742 miles of coastline it looks after is at risk as sea levels rise, and rising temperatures are affecting the species on its land.”

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