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Start is an initiative of the Prince of Wales.  The articles so far posted explain a number of things highly relevant to GreenFriends in very simple terms: for example compact fluorescent light bulbs, and solar energy.  See  Video about Start

You can join the Start mailing list and keep informed of events: e.g. a unique festival in September in the heart of London.  “‘A Garden Party To Make A Difference’ will give guests a rare opportunity to visit the Prince’s own gardens at Clarence House, together with his neighbours’ gardens at Lancaster House and Marlborough House.”

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This site attempts to gather material and interested people concerned with Amma's environmental initiative. The more the merrier! I hope that people will start to take part in this enterprise in their own lives as well as sharing what they know.

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    By the way, we wrote to the Prince of Wales some years ago to invite him to meet Amma. His secretary replied that the Prince had a rather full schedule that autumn, and I had great pleasure in reminding her of Amma’s busy schedule and her World Tours!!