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Mineral water? Use a soda maker

This is not an advertisement, but… Buying a soda maker may be one of your best choices if you currently buy bottles of mineral water or fizzy water.  Why?  Because you are saving huge numbers of plastic bottles from being bought then chucked away or recycled.

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Plastic containers

Are you throwing away the plastic containers for your household cleaners when they are empty? There is a better way. You can get refills from a number of manufacturers, such as Ecover and others. Refills available include:- Washing Up Liquid Fabric Conditioner Laundry Liquid Multi-Surface Cleaner Toilet Cleaner and more. Try:- Ecover Refill Simplegreen Herbs … Continue reading »

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Cardboard milk bottles (2009)

Greenbottle has developed a milk bottle made of cardboard from recycled stationery, with a plastic inner liner, that “consumes about a third of the energy required to make a plastic bottle and has a carbon footprint that is 48% lower than plastic.” It is only available for the moment at a few stores in Norfolk. … Continue reading »

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