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What will happen to private transport in the next few years?

Fossil fuels are known to be running out.  Who will feel the pinch when supplies of oil become harder to obtain and more expensive?

I suggest that it will be the private motorist.  If the Government has to choose between allowing oil for essential uses, such as heating and public transport, as opposed to allowing it to be used for non-essential purposes,  we can be sure that essential uses will triumph.  Whether by increased taxes or by restricted supplies, the private motorist will surely be targeted ahead of supplies for heating or for public transport.

This means that a fundamental change of policy is on the way.  No longer can we assume that to travel anywhere all we have to do is jump in the car.  We may find that fuel is restricted to certain classes of driving use, and that rises in the cost of fuel put the average car beyond reach.  What happens then?  Are we preparing for the inevitable by promoting trains, buses and public footpaths?

The timescale for this change is likely to be within the next few years.  It is not necessary for all the oil to run out before supplies are affected.  All that is needed is for the oil that remains to be significantly more expensive to take out of the ground.

What does your MP say on this issue?

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