Volunteering opportunities on biodynamic farms

Huxhams Cross Farm, near Dartington, and Oakbrook Farm, near Stroud, are both biodynamic farms leased to the Biodynamic Land Trust and in the course of being prepared for production.

At Huxhams Cross:-

Regular volunteering opportunities have been established – see the website – chickens are laying, two cows are mostly hiding in the undergrowth and a local box scheme passed on their business to the Apricot Centre Team which is a fantastic vehicle for selling the beautiful white eggs and to continue to distribute other local produce.  The small apple trees are producing some fruit already.

Next steps for the infrastructure: electricity, water and telephone installations are all needed and then the training/processing center needs to be built. Onsite water harvesting is planned and an onsite dirty water treatment system as well so that clean water comes onsite and clean water leaves it!

And at Oakbrook Farm:-

We are continuing to organise volunteer opportunites for Oakbrook Farm – now on a regular basis.  A special email went out to Oakbrook supporters last month with some dates to help the Tree Group.  If you did not receive it and would like to be kept informed please email your details to our dedicated email address:oakbrookvolunteers@gmail.com

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