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Just before Amma left for her North American tour, Amma met with all the ashram residents in Amritapuri. A questioner then asked Amma to suggest ways to save resources like water and other natural wealth within the ashram and to make its use efficient so at least the ashram could set an example. Amma said she was so very happy hearing the question on water and natural preservation and that her children were thinking about it. Amma started telling all how precious natural resources were and how important it is to save them.

She suggested having separate pumps in the toilet and using the seawater or backwater for flushing and separate fresh water for the taps. Amma also pointed out that this solution may be expensive to set up.

Since water taps waste a lot of water when the force is high, one may use accessories that can make the water slower so less water is wasted. Many keep the tap open while brushing, shaving or washing. Amma said we need to be aware and to be patient.

“While travelling in an aeroplane, the water tap actually trickles and one waits patiently to wash his hands or face, even if a billionaire or a businessman. Similarly in a community like here, one needs to be careful and aware.

The world is going through a tough situation. In the future, there might even be war to get access to water. If it is the problem of the future, we should also be concerned and responsible now. Suppose there is a fire in the ground floor of a block of flats and the person calls out for help, a person living on the tenth floor cannot remain idle saying “it is fire in someone else’s apartment, why should I bother?” Soon the fire may even spread to the tenth floor. Likewise, we are all responsible for what is happening and for what will happen.

Amma said that the ashram belongs to the world. So one should have awareness and responsibility. Preservation of our natural resources should be one of our foremost duties. The natural resources that we consume are the wealth that need to be transferred to coming generations. If we mindlessly exploit the resources, we won’t be able to leave anything for our grandchildren.

[from Amrita Enews]

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2 Responses

  1. holly55

    It is possible to get aerating shower heads that use even less water. Some years ago our Water Authority [Thames] came and put flow reducers/ aerators on all the taps and I think’Waterwise’ are running a similar scheme now. It definately makes a difference.

  2. Treebeard

    Good idea. The aerating shower heads cost a little bit, but are probably better value than the flow reducers. The one I use does both: it reduces the water flow a bit and provides three different types of water: ordinary, concentrated and a mist.

    I clean the heads with a microfibre cloth after each use.