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Amma says: ‘When we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God, we automatically serve and protect her’

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February 2014 — Amma’s Grace! We have taken on an Allotment from the William Hobbayne Centre in West London adjacent to a canal with gorgeous views (E8 and Boston Manor).  (See this BBC article.)

 I am looking for savy GreenFriend Amma Devotees who would like to be part of this new GF venture.  We will need to sort out a weekly seva Rota where we are all taking turns to tend Amma’s London Allotment.  The fruit, herbs & vegetables will all go towards Amma Fundraising or Amma Events.  Ultimately we will use this allotment to provide organic dishes at the snack bar for the 2014 London Programme, as we did last year.

 Please submit your interest to shaktiammalondon@gmail.com if interested in committing to the new London allotment. 

Shakti -West London GreenFriends Representative

For more pictures and updates on West London allotment news, follow this link https://www.greenfriends.org.uk/nature-tips/archive/london/

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